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Why do I feel inspired when I get caught

At a Glance

I found myself, with the TV blaring in the background, trying to write something meaningful, but failed, just as I usually do when I run low on cigarettes, pills and booze.

The TV was on, and a brief story was running a rescue piece about a wounded fox entangled in barbed wire. It sounded painful, but what do I know about foxes in pain, road-kill orphaned badgers, or even the blind but optimistic farmers in need or heart surgery… i may simply be out of touch with reality, maybe even heartless as those senile war criminals who we far more than often see escorted into court in a wheel chair smiling…

When I turned my head, thinking this poor fox was in for some more pain. To my surprise all he did at that moment was stare back at me… like I’m was the wounded animal.

About Black-Eyed Fetus

A literary rebel with a cause.. It's the only good fight there is. "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam."

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