About… to sneeze.

For one, I am having trouble figuring how to use WordPress… or any blog for that matter.

I miss typewriters. For good reason too. We don’t quite think as much as we do. With a typewriter, you think of every word, and of what follows… before it hits that page, and  that sound… i miss it.

So what does one do in these post-typewriter days?

Well, I began writing with a pen. Not a pencil, a pen. The next best thing. No one can take my pens away from me.

I just realized that i have said barely anything about what this page ought to include. Typewriter. Typewriter. Typewriter.

Deep breath… Dont exhale just yet… GO!

About me:

English Literature graduate. Worked as a copywriter, didn’t like it, so i stopped going. Moved to Egypt, taught English for a year. Didn’t want to leave Egypt, so i stayed trying to figure out what to do next. Decided to start an indie music magazine with two great friends. So here i am.

That was crap, well i’m not going back, this is a typewriter…


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