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About this presentation
If ever there were a man of action, it’s expertise theorist Jason Randal, whose boundless passion has led him to develop a jaw-dropping array of specialties. In his kinetic talk, Randal discusses how to use “stretching” to increase memory and focus, the relationship between play and learning, and the transformative power of surrounding yourself with enthusiastic, passionate people.

Learn How to Stretch Your Memory and Focus

About Jason Randal
Jason Randal is a renowned entertainer and speaker to Fortune 500 companies who has developed strategies to accomplish extraordinary results in shockingly record time.

Randal holds a PhD in social psychology and is a member of MENSA. He works in three languages, has published numerous magazine articles and three books including Magic For Professionals and The Psychology of Deception. Randal is a board certified master hypnotherapist, a licensed locksmith, a NAUI master scuba instructor, a licensed special effects technician, and a master certified flight instructor for both airplanes and helicopters.

Randal, a seventh degree black belt master in karate instructed six years for the Chuck Norris karate schools, and 3 years as a drill sergeant and hand to hand combat instructor for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. For ten years Jason was a technical advisor and stuntman in Hollywood working on projects such as the CHiPS television series, and in 11 films including Officer and a Gentleman, Tequila Sunrise, and Pretty Woman. He extensively trained such stars as Richard Gere, Lou Gossette, Tom Cruise, William Shatner and Mel Gibson.

Info taken from:  Behance – 99u  (Highly recommended)

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