#1: Nowhere to Go

One Size Fits All

The cemeteries back home must be doing well. Coffins for everyone! I wonder if they even have the decency of not ever smiling. Are there deals? Coupons? Family offers? Bury three of your own and we’ll bury you and a loved one for free… terms and conditions apply.

The Here and Now

The bodies were everywhere, and had built us a damn fine bunker. They were boys, the poor dumb fucks. But this, this war… Stripped away their innocence (you see it in their wide-eyed un-blinking eyes, dead or alive. But somehow they’re sent back… one way or another as “MEN!”… as “the brave men, who died ever so valiantly defending the freedoms and ideals…”

To us, they had become the “men” that had served as the walls of our ‘human bunker.’ They probably died before the bullet hit them. They should have known that they were never going to get out of the here and the now. As for us, there too was nowhere to go.

There were ten of us left, soon to be ten of us dead. To take a look on the bright side we were not lost, the enemy found and surrounded us and began a heavy assault. What’s worse, it was as though we were blindingly firing blanks at tanks.

I could almost hear the drums rolling; or was that the enemy’s drum roll? Either way, it was getting louder from all sides… The enemy must be nearing, it’s as though they encountered no resistance what’s so ever. Most of our wounds were infected. We were low on ammo, and the men’s morale were as dead as our bunker.

Just as soon as the gunfire was reaching deafening levels… It came to a sudden halt…

Complete Silence

It felt an hour! What is happening? Why did they stop? Complete silence! What’s going on? Were they playing dead, some cruel twisted game? The FUCKERS! What WAS OUT THERE? Fear stuck us like never before and curiosity had taken one of the men, or at least we think he died, since he jumped out of the bunker screaming with his weapon drawn. We didn’t dare to stop him, for it would be suicide. The screaming stopped, but there was no gunfire!

Was it safe? We waited… nothing.

One by one the men stood up, all but me.

They all stood erect, speechless, and motionless.


I could not take the silence anymore, it didn’t make any sense! NONE! I didn’t even know what to fear anymore? The men were just staring, It wasn’t fear I saw in their eyes, it wasn’t anything I’ve seen before. FUCK! What do I do?


My hands were cold, but they obeyed. I clenched my gun tighter, fingers fastened to the trigger. On the count of three. On the count of three! God help me!


Two… (please don’t die)


I leapt out ready to open fire, but my body choked. I saw it!

The bodies of the dead, the dying, and even the living. They were all being embraced by angels… ANGELS! Angels that lifted their souls up… Up, off the bloody fields, and into the heavens!

But not mine.

I waited.

I cried out with my gun to my head “WHAT ABOUT ME!?”


  Tears made their  way down my cheeks.

 I was ready to pull the trigger on myself… that is when an angel appeared.

An angel for everyone, I thought. I smiled at the angel. wiping my tears, but more kept flowing down my cheek.

It did not embrace me.  It too was crying. Pulling the gun away from my head, to its head,

I pulled the trigger.

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