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Little Poem Ravaged #14

A misunderstood stand – pun intended.

Malicious wolves had chewed their way through the sinews of the deer, diving deeper into the prey; they noticed movement within the carcass, as though there was something trying to make its way out. The pack instantly froze, and had fixed a curious stare at what might be their next kill. Taking caution, they took a few paces back; and watched, birth. For this was rare – no pun intended. An unwounded offspring made its way through, forcing its way free from its mother’s wolf made c-section. It tried standing, for the first time, but naturally, it failed. It tried again, and managed to stand, only for a moment; it then looked up at the wolves, and took its first breath of the world. The first breathe, the wolves, the mutilated carcass painted on a canvas. I like it; I think I’ll buy it.

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A literary rebel with a cause.. It's the only good fight there is. "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam."

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