Scribbled Sho(r)t Stories

Rambling’s of Some Sort 

(They still need a  lot of editing)  

If you got anything to say, go for it. I can take a beating, so don’t hold back.

#1: Nowhere to Go (Read Here)

Context and Character Description:

This little story was inspired from a war I found myself in 2006. It makes no difference whether i was a soldier, or a civilian. Nor what war, what country, or what side. ALL wars are UNJUST.

Character Info:

This story is called “Nowhere to Go”. It’s about a soldier, who we find trapped in a trench with his men. Completely surrounded.

He is fighting 2 wars, and 1 battle. One, for the country he was intended to fight for. The other for his sanity, his youth, and an answer to it all.  Simultaneously we find himself at war with himself and those at home (the generals and even his own family.) He is torn, delirious and has had barely had any sleep in months. It is important to know that he is not numb, or desensitized… he still has a functioning mind capable of rational thought, but barely. Also he refuses to kill himself, even though he is certain that he”ll be killed within the next few minutes.

Rambling on War:

If country leaders have a problem, deal with it. We all have problems, you don’t see us  killing our  neighbor(s)  , our bosses, our friends, our acquaintances, the bank manager, or his children. We would go to jail for that, because it is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!  We don’t need laws to tell us that.

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