Interesting Scientific Facts


1. Gold is impervious to damage by air, water, acids, or bases. This why it was – and is – so highly valued. However, gold can be damaged if submerged in liquid mercury.

2. It is estimated that if all he refined gold in the world could be melted and poured into a single cube, the cube would measure 60 feet (18m) across, for a total of 216,000 cubic feet (64,800 cubic meters).

3. Gold is found in seawater, but no effective process has been designed to extract it from it’s source.

4. The highest concentration of gold is found in US gold coins, which contain about 90 percent pure gold. Most jewelry is made from 18 carat gold and contains about 75 percent pure gold. Finally, dental gold contains only about 50 percent pure gold.

Ginger has been clinically demonstrated to work twice as well as prescription drugs for fighting motion sickness, with no side side effects.

Using relatively simple techniques found in unclassified literature, it is almost possible for anyone to make a 1-kiloton bomb as powerful as the one that devastated Nagasaki in WW II. Thankfully, obtaining the 2.2-6.6 pounds (1-3kg) of pure plutonium necessary for the nuclear relation is much more challenging.

More to come…

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